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    You Want Those Critters Gone? The Bug Dude Can Help!

    Wednesday, May 23, 2012 | Mid-Cities Pest Control

    Don’t kill him, just get him out of my yard !!

    It is absolutely unmistakable. That awful, penetrating odor that seems to just cling to everything near the source of it. When you drive past a dead one on the the highway, seemingly no matter how long it has been there, the car is filled with the smell, and everyone in the car gets the blame. You pray that your curious dog doesn’t discover one in the backyard, and come galloping into the house to share his misery with the whole family. Even worse, you hope one of them does not discover the doggie-door itself, and come into the house to wander around and possibly leave the terrible problem on the carpet or furniture. This, of course, just has to be skunks.

    Summer is coming and you want to be able to enjoy your yard in private. Skunks, opossums, rats, squirrels, raccoons and nakes love your yard too !!!

    Most of the pests in your yard are nocturnal, sleeping during the day in underground burrows and emerging around dusk to search for food. Skunks are the primary carrier of rabies. So, as cute as skunks are made to appear in children’s cartoons, clearly these are not animals we care to co-exist with.

    No space is to small no animal is too large for the mighty technicians at Mid-Cities Pest Control, Inc. Scott Henry made it under an 18” deck to capture an unwanted house guest.


    • Keep pet food indoors and do not leave food of any kind outside.
    • Cover trash containers and secure lids.
    • Don’t leave plastic trash bags outside.
    • Change automatic sprinkler settings often.
    • Eliminate garbage, debris, lumber piles that critters could hide in or under
    • Block off entry to areas below decking, porches, or outside sheds using hardware cloth or wire fencing. This wire should go into the soil extending away from the structure.
    • Install motion-sensitive spotlights in garden areas, as the sudden bright light alarms the animals.
    • Eliminate turf pest insects such as white grubs, to reduce food supply to skunks on your property.

    We can capture your all garden critters, skunks, raccoons, possums, and more. Time to relocate an unwanted pest from your yard ? Give us a call: 1.800.310.BUGS (2847)

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