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    Our Bug Exterminator Services Include:

    • Carpenter Ants
    • Flea exterminator
    • Fire ant exterminator
    • Roach exterminator
    • Mosquito control
    • Lawn and shrub treatment
    • Termite solutions
    • Tick Exterminator
    • Bee and Wasp removal
    • www.termidorhome.com
    • Bed bugs

    Animal removal services in the greater Dallas and Fort Worth, TX area. 

    From opossums to armadillos, we specialize in the expert baiting, trapping, and extraction of rodents. Do not wait until rodents are visible because by then it will be too late. Call us now.

    Our Animal Removal Services Include:

    • Animal trapping
    • Animal baiting
    • Animal extraction
    • Rodent removal
    • Squirrel removal
    • Opossum removal
    • Armadillo removal
    • Mole removal
    • Gopher removal
    • Bird proofing
    • Complete exclusion treatment – Animal removal plus damage repairs

    We only use environmentally friendly baits and organic control systems on our all jobs. 24 hour emergency service is available. Same day service in some cases.