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    Stopping Rodents | Pest Control Fort Worth

    Friday, November 21, 2014 | Mid-Cities Pest Control

    Get Rid of Rodents | Pest Control Fort Worth

    Winter is the season when we spend an increased amount of time indoors than out. Unfortunately it is a time when rodents are likely to come indoors seeking warmth and food. An estimated 21 million rodents enter U.S. homes each winter, spreading destruction, damage and the threat of disease. Don’t risk disease and damage to your home, get rid of rodents by scheduling pest control in Fort Worth.

    Rodents are a clear threat to the sanctity and safety of our homes, not only are they likely to cause electrical fires by chewing the home’s wiring, and damaging wood in homes, they harbor diseases such as Hantavirus, Salmonella, Hemorrhagic fever, Lassa fever, Leptospirosis, Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis, Plague and numerous others. They can also bring fleas, ticks and lice indoors exposing us to the health threats those pests carry. A clean home and professional pest control in Fort Worth will evict the disease ridden pests from your home.

    Unfortunately, even the contact with rodent scat or urine can result in illness, including air born particulates from the waste of rodents. Always wash the tops of cans and glass containers with hot soapy water before opening, in the event a rodent has urinated or defected on the item.

    Professional pest control in Fort Worth will provide the best action the homeowner can select against winter pest, which also include ants, spiders and cockroaches. When pest control is utilized in conjunction with steps homeowners’ can provide, the outcome will have a greater success. The following pest prevention tips will assist homeowners to prevent pests in the home.

    • Seal cracks and holes in siding, around cables, plumbing and HVAC pipes. Place metal wire over roof vent caps, chimneys and heat flues.
    • Stored items in closets, garages, basements and attics should be kept in plastic, sealed containers to prevent rodents from nesting inside.
    • Trim branches and shrubbery away from the home.
    • Store firewood at least 20 feet from the home and off the ground.
    • Install door sweeps on exterior doors, replace loose or worn weather-stripping and repair damaged screens.
    • Store food in airtight containers and dispose of garbage routinely. Utilize a tightly sealed trash can, especially in the home. This includes storing flour, cereal and other foods in cardboard packaging for the best effect.
    • If you have an infestation, contact a local pest control specialist.
    • Store pet food in sealed metal containers. Don’t leave pet food in bowls overnight.
    • Maintain a clean house. Clean up crumbs and wash dishes or place them in a dishwasher. Rodents are opportunists always looking for a free meal!

    Schedule service today with The Bug Dude to ensure a clean, healthy home with preventative pest control or to get rid of rodents and other pests with professional pest control in Fort Worth. Do not let rodents spoil your holiday activities with an untimely sighting while family and friends gather together. Our professionals are waiting to take your call, and provide home pest control.

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