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    Stopping Diseases with Pest Control Fort Worth

    Wednesday, June 25, 2014 | Mid-Cities Pest Control

    Prevent Vector Born Disease | Pest Control Fort Worth

    Mosquitoes and ticks are on the rise due to elevated temperatures and increased rainfall in large portions of the country. Prevention is critical in the prevention of vector born disease by pests such as mosquitoes and ticks. Give The Bug Dude a call for pest control in Fort Worth.

    With the spreading of Chikungunya mosquito disease, and Lone Star Tick Disease, families must be more vigilant than ever in mosquito and tick control around the home, as well as in their outdoor activities. Family members should apply Deet to exposed skin, and permethrin to clothing, keep grass cut and avoid wooded and brushy areas. It is also recommended that when outdoors, you should wear long sleeves and pants in light colors to help protect against mosquitoes and ticks.

    As of June 17, there have been 57 cases in the U. S. of travel-related Chikungunya reported to the CDC this year. However, doctors don’t have to notify the CDC of suspected Chikungunya infections, so the number could actually be higher. Chikungunga can be transmitted to other persons if a mosquito bites an infected person, and then bites someone else. Chikungunga has no cure, and though rarely fatal, causes debilitating severe joint pain for as long as several months. It is a devastating disease, and calls for pest control in Fort Worth.

    The Lone Star Tick Disease causes a variety of symptoms from large sores and rash that can be anywhere but the feet and hands with fever, GI distress, joint pain, cough and just recently the CDC announced, it appears to be responsible for thousands of southerners who have developed an allergy to red meats, with life threatening anaphylactic reactions, among other symptoms.

    It doesn’t take long to see, aggressive actions are required to prevent the diseases these vectors are causing. Pest control in Fort Worth will be one the most effective actions in preventing mosquitoes and ticks from breeding upon your property.

    You may be wondering what else a homeowner can do, besides applying Deet, keeping lawns manicured, and providing professional pest control in Fort Worth. If your property adjoins woods, apply a layer of wood chips or gravel between the lawn and woods to help deter ticks. Eliminate anything where standing water can accumulate to deter mosquitoes. Ensure all screens are intact and provide repair for even tiny holes where pests can enter. Check your pets after taking them outside and avoid tall grass when they are outside. Talk to your vet regarding prevention and treatment options and wash bedding frequently.

    Check each family member carefully, especially in folds, and bends and the hair for ticks after being outdoors, place clothing in a hot dryer on high heat for one hour to kill any remaining ticks. Mosquito activity peaks at dawn and dusk, so avoid being outside during those times, and always wear insect repellent.

    Finally, the lawn should be treated to prevent mosquitoes and ticks. The Bug Dude can provide the lawn treatment you need to help prevent ticks and mosquitoes on your property with pest control in Fort Worth. Give us a call for an appointment, and thanks for visiting The Bug Dude.

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