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    Pest Control Tips On Ants

    Sunday, June 05, 2011 | Mid-Cities Pest Control

    When controlling ants, keep these important pest control tips in mind:

    Our Pest Control Company Stops Ant’s Food Source

    Knowing what the ant needs is vital to pest control and making your home or yard less inviting. Ants have various food sources including wood, decaying plants and insects or even your yummy food. Practice house hygiene. Empty and wash garbage cans and recycling bins. Clean up crumbs and spills, especially sweet liquids like soda. To do these things as they come up is good pest control.

    Another way to control pest that come inside your home is by keeping your food in hard sealed containers, not cardboard boxes or paper wrappers. Ants are expert infiltrators and will swarm your delicious foods if you’re not prepared. Your yard is another prime spot for ants to flourish so keep the vegetation and growth around the house trimmed. This will hinder the ants ability to travel from the shrubs and branches into your house. Something as simple as yard maintenance will make you a pest control master!

    Let’s make sure those pest don’t have a way to get in your house. Seal any cracks and crevices that ants may use to enter your house. Also ask how to use The Bug Dude to prevent and control ants in and around your home. If you decide to use pesticides, always read and follow all labeled instructions carefully.

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