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    Letters from Grace

    Tuesday, August 09, 2011 | Mid-Cities Pest Control

    Grace Grapevine Writes:

    Development Team Evicts Family of Four

    It was an ongoing saga. On June 6, Development Director Mark Woolverton noticed a strange sound coming from the supply closet. When he saw a paw emerge from a small hole in the ceiling, he immediately posted a warning sign on the door and called Mid-Cities Pest Control. First Rocky, estimated to be at least 25 pounds, was brought down from the attic. Over the weekend, his wife June was caught. Early the next week two youngsters were humanely recovered. At each instance, curious GRACE staffers stopped to bid the masked visitors a fond farewell. The generous folks from Mid-Cities Pest Control transported the family of raccoons south and released them in the wilds of Midlothian. Bon voyage, varmints!


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