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    Fire Ants

    Wednesday, August 08, 2012 | Mid-Cities Pest Control

    The Dreaded Fire Ants

    There is nothing that will ruin a backyard cookout with family, and friends than the arrival of fire ants. These pests are quite common in the state of Texas, and posses a painful bite. The Bug Dude at Mid-Cities Pest Control is equipped to deal with your fire ant problems.

    What Are Fire Ants?

    What are fire ants, and where did they come from? According to Texas A & M University,

    “In the 1920s, the red imported fire ant arrived in Alabama from South America. Since then the invader has infested over 56 million acres in Texas.”  1

    These unpleasant invaders have been the scourge of backyards ever since. With their painful bites and stings; and seemingly endless numbers, fire ants are certainly unwelcome in your backyard.

    Unfortunately these fire ants are extremely aggressive, and they already infest much of the state of Texas. Fire ants are also continuing to spread to additional regions, and states. While there is no way to completely eliminate fire ants from your yard, their presence can be significantly reduced.

    How To Identify Fire Ants?

    The easiest way to identify the stinging exotic fire ants from native ants is to have a professional inspect them. These invaders can look almost identical to native ants, but can pose a much bigger problem. Native ants such as the leafcutter ant, and the harvester ant do not pose the risk of painful ant bites.

    How Can Fire Ants Be Controlled?

    While the complete elimiation of the fire ant from the state of Texas is not plausible at this time, however they can be greatly reduced, or temporaily eliminated from smaller areas.

    Proper application of ant bait is the most effective way of controlling fire ants. Our pest control experts will apply the baits in a manner that will be greatest reduction of fire ants, and with regular treatments re-infestation can be minimized.

    Get Fire Ant Treatment Today!

    Don’t let fire ants ruin your outdoor activities! Call The Bug Dude at Mid Cities Pest Control to take back your yard.

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