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    Fire Ant Pest Control

    Monday, April 21, 2014 | Mid-Cities Pest Control

    Springtime Pest Control in Fort Worth

    Spring is here, the birds are chirping, the winds have changed, the yard is turning green and the trees are budding. With all of these wonderful signs of the season come the pests, out of hibernation and out to welcome the season just like we are. A common, sometimes painful nuisance even in our own Fort Worth backyard is the fire ant. Native Texans know to keep our distance, but sometimes children, pets, or even adults stumble upon this common irritant. Considering pest control for fire ants? Let’s learn a little about the them, shall we?

    Did you know fire ants are not native to North America? It was actually imported in the 1930s on a cargo ship to Alabama. They love warm, sunny weather, so they stay in the southern US states: Florida to Texas, and all the way to California. They also like dryer weather to rainy conditions. Their mounds look like sandy hills and are much more visible after a rain.

    Fire ant stings are very painful, and even fatal to some. Their sting includes alkaloid venom which is highly irritating that result in red bumps and white pustules. Fire ants are also known to attack a potential threat in large numbers, which could mean a LOT, because a colony can contain 100,00-500,000! Call your pest control service in Fort Worth if you suspect fire ant activity around your home. You definitely don’t want them coming inside! Your pest control company will inspect your property to determine the best route to proceed.

    The best way to prevent fire ants is to be conscientious about putting food and drinks away after use. Take the trash out to a proper area and leave it covered. Leaving food out, especially sugary foods will entice these pests into areas you do not want them.

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