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    Effective Rodent Control in Dallas

    Tuesday, November 19, 2013 | Mid-Cities Pest Control

    Get The Most Out of Your Rodent Control

    Mice, rats, squirrels, and other rodents are common problematic pests. They live where we live (especially in urban areas), eat our food, and carry diseases that are extremely harmful to our pets, children, and families. They are adaptable, able to climb seemingly unsurpassable places, and are nocturnal, making them hard to find and catch. Rodent control is a three-step process, so doing the first two yourself will give you an overwhelming advantage when it’s time to call us.

    First, clean and seal off your home.

    The first rule of rodent control is “don’t leave food out overnight.” Store as much as you can in glass or metal containers that they can’t chew through. The idea here is to cut off the rodent’s food supply, discouraging them to come and feast. Also, remove any pet food that hasn’t been eaten after every meal. Make sure your trash can is sealed and keep all of your kitchen surfaces clean and disinfected. Don’t leave dishes in the sink overnight. Lastly, seal off any cracks or holes you find along baseboards with caulk, steel, or concrete. Inspect every crevice for a place a rodent could get in. Also, seal off pipes, dryer vents and gas lines as these are common entry points.

    Consider natural methods of extermination.

    Do you have a cat? Cats are natural mice and rat hunters. They love to do it and are good at it. A few catches might ward off future infestations. Snap traps are also a cheap way to rid your home of mice. The trap can be a minor nuisance when considering small children or pets, but the cleanup is quick. Peppermint oil and cat or snake urine is also a great natural rodent control method. They hate the smell and will stay away. Ultrasonic repellent machines are available too, but are controversial as being truly effective.

    Chemical extermination methods.

    If you are experiencing a truly bothersome problem regarding rodent control in Dallas, call us to help employ our methods to rid your home and get it. One of the most effective measures to eliminate your mouse problem is to call a professional pest exterminator. We get the job done quickly and effectively!

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