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    Ant Problems

    Tuesday, February 19, 2013 | Mid-Cities Pest Control

    There are 22,000 species of ants that inhabit the earth. Ants are everywhere, and Texas is by no means exempt. In fact, there are 250 ant species who are native to Texas. The very reasons that ants thrive are the exact reasons we experience ant problems in our every-day lives. Believe it or not, ants are intelligent creatures. Beyond that they are extremely adaptable and actually have social cooperation to boot.

    Again, to point out the positives or negatives of ants, will undoubtedly give us the opposite connected right with it. For instance, ants are nature’s most industrious workers. They play such a crucial role in the much needed soil aeration, to produce healthy crop growth, and in the decomposition and recycling of dead organic material. Yet, in spite of this, we experience ant problems, when they invade Texas homes, businesses and yards. It’s their persistent nature, miniature size, and great numbers that make ants a tough opponent as those very traits tend to rob our comfort.

    When seeking to avoid ant problems, there are two prominent attractors we need to avoid. The first is easy access to food and the second is dampness. Water damage in the home will attract ants, and food left exposed for an excessive length of time might as well be called “ant bait”. Another red flag that simply invites ant problems is tree limbs, overgrown bushes, and even pipes. These “bridges” allow ants to have a pathway or even a type of invitation right into our homes.

    Surprisingly enough, there are even ants in Texas that are attracted to computer systems and electrical equipment. They can cause short circuits and failure in computers and electrical equipment. So when the professionals tell you that your computer has a “bug”, you just may need to ask them if they could be a bit more specific.

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