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Spring is almost here and so are termites.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018 | Mid-Cities Pest Control

Spring is almost here! There are many ways to mark the start of Spring: the influx of warmer weather, the return of green grass and blooming flowers, or just the official date on the calendar, but here at Mid-Cities Pest Control we note the change of season by the arrival of termite swarmers. When the temperature starts to rise and the humidity level is just right, that’s when they appear. They’re about the size of an ant, have black bodies and long white wings, and can most commonly be found inside your home heading toward the windows (and often dying on the sills). And though rain is a detterant for some pests, the humidity and rising temperatures of the past week have made it a nearly ideal time for termites to start their spring awakening. Just the other day we had our first termite treatment of 2018, and it’s only a matter of time before the swarms hit full force. So keep an eye out for these pests in your home and check out our upcoming April blog all about termites.

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